Jake’s story

Jake lived with his parents and 2 younger siblings until aged 12. He was taken into care following concerns around emotional abuse from parents, their general lack of parental skills and concerns around Jake’s sexually inappropriate behaviour. Jake was a complex young man who required structure and boundaries which were lacking in the family home. The Police were called to the family home on several occasions to deal with Jake’s outbursts as parents admitted they were unable to manage his behaviour. Jake, who was on the autistic spectrum, attended a local special needs school. Jake was 15 when he was admitted to Amberleigh Care following increasing concerns from the local authority over his increasing sexualised behaviour and ongoing risks to younger children in his school and the community. Jake’s key profile was as follows:

Been in care from age of 12
Had 4 foster placement breakdowns
A victim of sexual abuse
A perpetrator of sexual abuse
Controlling and aggressive behaviour requiring regular physical intervention
Diagnosed ASD
Lack of empathy and ability to build relationships

Jake’s Successful Outcomes:

  • A stable 3 year placement
  • No sexualised acting out behaviours
  • Reduction in aggression (almost to nil)
  • Engaged in full time education and achieved qualifications
  • Transitioned to college full time and gained further qualifications
  • Undertook work experience roles
  • Achieved a part time job with excellent feedback
  • Developed a range of independent living skills
  • Planned transition to adult social care supported living
  • Ongoing ‘keeping in touch’ contact
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