Craig’s story

Craig lived with his mother, stepfather and 2 younger siblings until aged 13. He was taken into care following concerns around chronic neglect and alleged physical abuse from his stepfather. There were significant indications that Craig may also have been a victim of sexual abuse. There were also disclosures around sexually inappropriate behaviour between Craig and his younger sister which Craig later admitted to. Craig was taken into foster care however, following 2 placement breakdowns due to escalating behaviour, Craig was admitted to Amberleigh Care aged 14. Prior to his arrival at Amberleigh Craig had been home schooled following concerns from his school around sexualised behaviour.

Been in care from age of 13
Had 2 foster placement breakdowns
High levels of aggressive outbursts
A likely victim of sexual abuse demonstrating trauma symptoms
A perpetrator of sexual abuse inside and outside the family
Controlling and aggressive behaviour
Signs of Oppositional Conduct Disorder
Attachment disorder

Craig’s Successful Outcomes:

  • A stable 3 year placement
  • Craig was able to build and maintain positive relationships whilst at Amberleigh Care
  • Craig was a valued member of St John’s Ambulance and gained a first aid qualification
  • Craig turned into an excellent cook and developed in all areas of independence
  • Significant reduction in aggression and increased pro social behaviours
  • Craig moved into a foster placement aged 17
  • No further evidence of sexually harmful behaviour
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